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The Board of Directors consists of seven members, elected from members of the association. The following four officer positions are designated in the Bylaws:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

All directors are obligated to sign and comply with the Conflict of Interest statement.

All committee members are obligated to sign and comply with the Committee Member Conflict of Interest statement.

The Board holds a public meeting once a month. More frequent meetings are occasionally scheduled based upon workload and urgency.

The Board oversees the management and operation of the Association. They establish rules and regulations for the Association, ensure covenant enforcement, and perform fiduciary responsibilites.

2018 Board of Directors Note: directors' terms start at the end of an Annual Membership Meeting in November, and end at the end of the Annual Membership Meeting two years later. If a director resigns during their term, the remaining directors appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of the term for that position.

  • Dan Rivers – President, Water Resource Committee (term expires Nov 2020)
  • Steve Shurgot – Vice President (term expires Nov 2019)
  • Lorrie Kresge – Treasurer & Water Resources (term expires Nov 2019)
  • James Hazuka – Secretary and CEOC (term expires Nov 2020)
  • Ken Harris – Neighborhood Watch (term expires Nov 2020)
  • Randy Wood – Common Areas (term expires Nov 2019)
  • Jan Sievert – Director (term expires Nov 2020)
  • Director Biographies

    Dan Rivers
    In 1996 Marilyn and Dan moved to King's Deer, built their dream home, and lived happily ever after. Dan worked as a King's Deer HOA volunteer on the Architectural Control Committee, the Covenant Enforcement Committee, and as a board member, including a couple of years as President and Vice President. His primary objective is to secure adequate water rights for those who want to pay, without affecting those who don't. Dan served three years with Uncle Sam (1LT, U.S. Army,) 22 years as a program manager (Hughes Aircraft Company,) and founded and ran four small high tech companies. He has served on the boards of sports clubs, churches, and both private and public corporations (director, president, chairman). Dan was elected the President of the King's Deer Board for 2018. He also serves as the Chairman of the Water Resource Committee.

    Steve Shurgot
    Steve and his wife Lisa moved into their dream home at King's Deer in October 2010. He is currently employed with United Technologies Aerospace Systems as an Operations Excellence Project Manager; he has been with them since 2008. Steve has served in the past as a board member serving Lutheran Valley Retreat camp. He joined the board in June of 2016 and has held various roles such as Vice President, Member at Large and NEPCO representative. Steve is also a member of the King's Deer HOA Water Resource Committee. He helped to establish a charter for the team to follow to secure more water rights for KD homeowners. Steve was elected Vice President and Treasury of the King's Deer Board for 2018.

    Jim Hazuka
    Jim and his wife Annette have been land owners within the King's Deer development since 1998 and residents since 2001. Jim is currently retired. Past employment includes working 13 years for the Booz Allen Hamilton consulting firm in support of North American Aerospace Defense Command and United Stated Northern Command. Prior to that, Jim served in the United States Air Force for 24 years. Jim is a member of the Tri Lakes Lions Club, volunteering much of his time in support of Northern El Paso County community activities. Since June 2016, Jim has been serving as the Secretary of the King's Deer HOA Board. He was a past President of the King's Deer HOA Board and served as the Chairman of the HOA Covenant Committee. Jim was elected Secretary of the King's Deer Board for 2018.

    Lorrie Kresge
    In 2014, Lorrie and her husband Ted, left 34 years of Air Force life to make their chosen home in King's Deer. With experience as a scientific and cost analyst, she approaches given tasks analytically. As a dedicated military spouse, she testified before the U.S. Congress House Armed Services Committee as the sole U.S. Air Force spouse explaining the effect of operations tempo on families. Last winter, Lorrie was a Volunteer Income Tax Assistant for the Pikes Peak United Way. She is currently the President of the Eisenhower Women's Golf Association 18-hole league. Lorrie joined the King's Deer Board in 2017. She serves as the Director for Water. Lorrie is also a member of the Water Resource Committee for the HOA.

    Randy Wood
    Randy, his wife Holly and their 2 children moved to King's Deer in June 2010. He retired from ExxonMobil in 2013 after 32 years with the company. Randy worked as a Project Engineer, Contract Negotiator and Systems Analyst in his years with ExxonMobil. He coached the football team at Monument Academy Charter School the last 2 years, serving as Head Coach in 2016. Randy has been active with Neighborhood Watch in King's Deer, serving as a Block Captain since 2010 and serving as overall Coordinator for the last couple of years. He joined the King's Deer HOA Board in August 2017. Randy serves as the lead for Common Area Maintenance within King's Deer.

    Kenneth Harris
    Ken moved his family to King's Deer (KD) just over 6 years ago from Denver to enjoy the many attributes of this community such as large lots, custom houses, optimal location for access to both Denver and Colorado Springs, trees, golf and many others. Ken spent his career in research labs, and in designing, building, operating and maintaining satellites. He is currently an Aerospace consultant and has a strong history of serving on engineering boards, as well as leading complex trade-offs ensuring that sufficient level of details are derived and presented to decision makers. Ken joined the King's Deer Board in 2016. He and his wife Linda serve as the Neighborhood Watch Coordinators for the King's Deer community.


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