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Crime Prevention

The Neighborhood Watch Program in King's Deer has been replaced with a Crime Prevention Program. Te Board still believes that neighbors looking out for each other is a major deterrent to criminal activity in the neighborhood. The Crime Prevention documents are now located in the Library. To report any criminal activity, contact the El Paso County Sheriff Office and also please inform the HOA by mail to and put "Crime Prevention" as the subject.

Always Report Vandalism! If you experience vandalism, whether of a serious nature or relatively minor, please report vandalism to the EPSO Dispatch Non-emergency Crime Reorting Number below, as well as to the HOA office at 488-2840. Why? Although the Sheriff's Office does not have the resources to investigate and actively pursue all vandalism cases, by reporting all vandalism you are helping to establish a database of crimes that might produce important leads. Equally important, each report of an unlawful act, even as minor as vandalism, helps to increase funding for additional law enforcement resources in our area. So please report!

El Paso County Sheriff's Office (EPSO)


EPSO Dispatch

Non-emergency crime reporting: 719-390-5555

EPSO Telephone Reporting System

Reporting minor crimes without suspect information: 719-520-7111

EPSO Traffic Hotline

Reporting problem areas or traffic violations: 719-520-7192

EPSO Tip Line

Reporting suspicious activity or the location of wanted persons: 719-520-7777

EPSO Tip Line

Reporting minor crimes without suspect information: 719-520-7111

Colorado Division of Wildlife (Colorado Springs Office)

Reporting native wildlife in residental areas: 719-227-5200

Humane Society (Colorado Springs Office)

Reporting aggressive or loose, roaming dogs: 719-473-1741

Always remember to report criminal activity or suspicious behavior promptly.

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