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Architectural Control Committee

The ACC meets twice a month, except in November and December when they meet once each month. (See Calendar for dates and times.) Meetings are open to the public. Owners who submitted an application to the ACC are encouraged to attend the ACC meeting so that any questions or concerns about their application can be quickly resolved.

The ACC consists of association members who volunteer their time to review project applications and to perform site visits to ensure projects are completed in accordance with the approved applications.

ACC Project Application forms are available on this web site. Click the Library menu item at left, then the ACC Forms & Applications link.

What type of work requires ACC approval? Any alteration to a property that changes the appearance of the property should be reviewed and approved in advance by the ACC to ensure those changes are consistent with the coveanants, rules, policies and standards of the association. Alterations may be as significant as constructing a new home, to as minor as building a small enclosure around the backyard patio, or just adding a satellite dish. Landscape plans should also be submitted to the ACC for review and approval because landscape is limited by the Water Augmentation Plan governing the Association water consumption rights; landscape can also create unexpected obstructions to view corridors from neighboring properties. Caution. Projects must be accomplished as approved by the ACC. If changes are desired after the project is approved, the proposed changes must be coordinated with, and approved by the ACC; otherwise such changes will be outside the scope of the ACC approval and possibly subject to covenant violations.

ACC meetings are currently conducted by Zoom teleconference. Applicants and interested parties are provided with a meeting link prior to the ACC meeting.

Governing Directives The ACC uses the King's Deer Classic Covenants, King's Deer Highlands Covenants, and policies and standards passed by the Board of Directors, as the directives for evaluating project applications. These documents are available through the Library section of this web site as pdf files. Project application forms can also be retrieved from the Library section of this web site.

What information should be submitted in my application and where do I submit it? This information is available through the Project Guidelines link at the top of this page.

New House Construction

A $5000 refundable compliance fee which must accompany every new house construction project application. The compliance fee (along with the non-refundable filing fee) is payable to the Association when the house construction project application is submitted to the Association for ACC review. Applications not submitted with the required fees will be immediately rejected.

When the entire construction project is completed, including the minimum landscape requirements, the compliance fee, minus any deductions due to non-compliance, will be refunded.

The refund is given to the person who owns the property at the time the ACC approves a refund; that can be, and often is, someone other than who submitted the compliance fee to the Association.

Neighbor Comments On Projects Encouraged When a construction project is submitted to the ACC for review, the property owner is required to post a sign at a property for at least ten days in advance of an ACC decision on the project. (See the sign) The intent of the sign is to alert neighbors that an application has been submitted to the ACC for a construction project on the property--such as a new house or enlarging an existing house--and to encourage their review and comments of the plans. The ACC will evaluate the project along with any comments within the context of the Association covenants, policies, and standards (i.e. "Rules"). Comments should therefore be limited to the context of the Association's Rules.

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