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Volunteers are everything to the association. Nothing gets done without volunteers. Have you considered participating in keeping your association strong by contributing some time?

If you would like to contribute, let us know and we will have someone contact you to find something that fits your area of interest.

Board of Directors  Although these are elected positions, they are nevertheless all volunteers. And typically the competition is not intense for the three to four vacancies each year--a director serves on the board for two years. Elections are held during the annual meeting in November. If you think you'd like to serve on the Board, let us know as soon as possible. Attend a couple of meetings to meet other board members and get the idea of what's going on. Sometimes a vacancy occurs before a term expires and we're always looking for an available and enthusiastic person that can fill a slot quickly.

ACC  No need for construction experience; you don't have to be an architect or engineer. ACC members evaluate proposals for new homes, landscaping, and ancillary work on properties, and determine if the request is compliant with the covenants and Design Standards. Approximately two hours a month of your time are required. Of course we'll be happy to accept more!

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