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Water meters are located in the mechanical room of each residence. Normally this will be an unfinished room in the basement. However, occasionally the mechanical equipment is separated into two or even three different rooms.

Below are some photographs and comments to help you find your water meter and take the reading. However, if you would like some assistance, we'll will be happy to assist you, and report the reading for you. Simply send an email to Include your name, address, and phone number so you can be contacted. We will call and set up an appointment at a time convenient to you for obtaining the meter reading. It will only take about five minutes.

Q. Where is the water meter?
A. Check around the bottom floor of your house, most likely in an unfinished room, probably where the furnace is located. Look for a cylindrical tank connected to copper pipe. (Figure 1) This tank keeps your water system pressurized when the well pump isn't running. The water meter is located on the copper pipe very close to the pressure tank. It might have a protective plastic or bronze cover over the dial that you will have to lift to see the meter face.

Figure 1 Pressure tank

Figure 2 Typical water meter

Q. How do I read the meter?
A. Just read the digits; if there is is also a sweep dial (red pointer in Figure 2) just ignore it. Be sure to include all leading zeros and all trailing zeros when you read the meter. For example, the meter at left has a meter reading of 0201860. The last zero on the right side is just painted on the face of the dial--it doesn't move. Include it in the reading anyway. And don't worry where the red needle is pointing...just read the digits.

Q. What if some numbers aren't showing completely?
A. If one or more digits are changing when you read the meter, just pick the larger number(s) that will be appearing and report that. In Figure 3, for example, the correct reading is 0225150. Again, include ALL the zeros, both the left-most and the right-most zeros. And again, the right hand zero is just painted on the dial face, but include it anyway. Incidentally, that black thing stuck on the lower face of this dial is a magnetic sensor used to transmit the meter reading to a remote display. If you have one of these, you still must read the meter and send us the reading; unfortunately we can't remotely read your meter.

Figure 3 Meter with remote transmitter attached.

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