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King's Deer entrance at County Line and Roller Coaster, with Pikes Peak in the background Welcome!

This is the official web site of the King's Deer Homeowners Association. Here you will find information about the association, its activities, events, policies, and some information about the local area.

The King's Deer HOA office is located at the King's Deer Golf Course Golf Course Club House (19255 Royal Troon Drive).

VISITORS! Are you looking for the covenants, Architectural Control Committee forms, or other corporate documents? If so, follow the Library link at left. Minutes and financial reports are available to HOA members in the Library section of the Owner area.

Trash & Equipment Outside

Posted 05/06/21

Trash Cans: Trash cans (and trash) should be put out no sooner than the night before the day of pickup. Trash cans should not be left out after the day of pickup. King's Deer Covenants prohibit the outside storage of trash containers. Check with your waste collection company for their recommendations to secure trash can lids so that trash is not blown away by the frequent high winds. It is not unusual to see neighborhood bushes and trees “decorated” with blown plastic, paper, etc. because someone didn’t put a rock or bungee cord on a trash can lid. Any trash left for collection that does not fit inside of the bins needs to be in bags or otherwise secured to prevent it from blowing.

Junk/Equipment Stored Outside: The covenants are very specific regarding the outside storage of equipment, lumber, debris, building materials, trash bins, etc. These items cannot be visible from public streets or other lots! Tucking junk behind your house/garage doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t an eyesore to a neighbor who is adjacent to your property. Please consider your neighbors and pickup and properly store any materials or equipment you have stored outside.

Meeting Minutes Posted

Posted 04/28/21

The April ACC and BoD meeting minutes are now posted! Also the latest (March) financials are posted in the Owner area, Library section of the web site. (login required) Please contact the HOA office ( if you need to reset your login credentials.

The next ACC meeting is May 13th at 5 PM.  Please make note that this is the only ACC meeting in May, so be sure to get you applications in on time and schedule your projects accordingly. ACC applications must to be submitted at least 48 hours (2 full days) prior to the ACC meeting. 

Urgent Water Purchase Update & 2nd share purchases available!

Posted 04/28/21

The additional water purchase program has gone very well, for the first month, 113 residents have taken advantage and purchased water shares.   Palmer Divide Water Co  (PDWC) is diligently working on issuing water deeds and increasing well permits for these residents.  PDWC is pleased to announce that starting May 5th, they will allow residents to purchase a second share of water that can be added to your well. If you are interested in purchasing a second share at $7,500, please send an email to with your address and contact info.  Just as a reminder, the initial purchase price of $7,500 is only guaranteed until June 30, 2021.  If you are in need of additional water to increase your property’s value, to add additional landscaping or get within your well allocation, now is the time to get those additional water rights.  If you would like to purchase and have not already made contact, please send an email with your address, contact info and names to or text to 719-321-3847. 

Homeowners interested in buying the additional water from PDWC can see the briefing slides explaining the purchase at and then click on the March 2021 newsletter for a pdf download. Under the approved decree, there are 200 units available to Highlands’s owners and 75 units available to Classic owners to bring their water allotments up to .75 acre feet. 

If you would like information on your property’s water usage history or to confirm which subdivision you live in, Highlands or Classic, send a request to

Animal Control - Loose pets

Posted 04/26/21

With people taking advantage of the warmer weather to take a stroll with their dogs, we are experiencing an increase in notifications about pets being off leash. We remind our residents that you are required to keep your dogs on leash or other physical restraint, whenever they are in any public area within King's Deer. This includes trails, pond area, sports field, playground, open common areas and roads. This requirement is stated in paragraph 25B of your Covenants, as well as in El Paso County Resolution 17-201 Amended. Please help protect your pets and others by keeping your dog on leash or other physical restraint whenever you are in our public areas. 

HOA Office Closure

Posted 04/21/21

The HOA office will be closed from May 25 through June 1. The ACC has cancelled the May 27 meeting. Owners are advised to schedule the approval of their projects by the May 13 meeting or wait until the June 10 meeting.

Secure HOA Drop Box

Posted 04/19/21

The HOA has a new secure drop box that is installed outside near the office door. This allows residents 24/7 access to drop off water meter readings, assessments, ACC applications and other letters or smaller, letter sized documents to the HOA office. For those new to the development, the HOA office is located in the golf course clubhouse facility at 19255 Royal Troon Drive. 

Water Sale Meeting Slides

Posted 03/31/21

The presentation slides from the PDWC water sale meetings are now available on the King's Deer website in the Library section, Newsletters, 2021 March. Follow the Library link on the left of this page and then select March 2021 to access the water sale presentation slides. Or click on this link to go directly to the page and selsect March 2021 to start the download.

A pdf of the presentation will automatically load to your downloads folder, or depending on your settings, you will have to accept the pdf download.

Also, the water usage information is now available on the King's Deer website. Log into your owners section, select Water on the left menu, then the Review Water Use tab at the top. Your previous year water reading and usage information will then be displayed for your property. Here you will also find the water augmentation plan for your specific property, your current water usage allowance, as well as some additional information water information relating to your property. 

If you have questions about how to access these pages on the website, please contact the HOA office at


Great News for Kings Deer Residents. Additional water shares are now available! 

Posted 03/24/21

(The following message is from Palmer Divide Water Company and approved by the King's Deer BoD to be disseminated to King's Deer residents. PDWC is conducting the water sale.)

In coordination with the King's Deer HOA and Palmer Divide Water Company, additional water shares can now be purchased in both King's Deer Classic and Highlands.  If you have been exceeding your water allocation, if you would like to do more landscaping, if you would like to add value to the price of your home or just don’t want to worry about water for your home, this is your opportunity.   We will be having several Zoom meetings to discuss the purchase program and how it is executed over the next few weeks.  If you are interested in learning about the water purchase, please plan to attend one of these Zoom meetings.   There are a limited number of water shares available and it will be on a first come, first serve arrangement.  Look forward to seeing you on the zoom meetings. For additional information please text Bart Atkinson @ 719-321-3847 or


Friday, March 26, 6:30 PM

Tuesday, March 30, 3:00 PM

Friday, April 2, 6:30 PM


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