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King's Deer entrance at County Line and Roller Coaster, with Pikes Peak in the background Welcome!

This is the official web site of the King's Deer Homeowners Association. Here you will find information about the association, its activities, events, policies, and some information about the local area.

The King's Deer HOA office is located at the King's Deer Golf Course Golf Course Club House (19255 Royal Troon Drive).

VISITORS! Are you looking for the covenants, Architectural Control Committee forms, or other corporate documents? If so, follow the Library link at left. Minutes and financial reports are available to HOA members in the Library section of the Owner area.

Forestry Service Inspection

Posted 09/16/21

The HOA has contracted with the Colorado State Forest Service to have Forest Service experts inspect pine trees on approximately 350 acres of King’s Deer properties and identify any trees have been infested by mountain pine beetle. The Association is paying for this inspection as a service that benefits the entire community. The Forest Service will conduct a lot by lot inspection of the forested areas South of King’s Deer Point, West of Roller Coaster Road and North of Highway 105. We request that all animals be kept confined during the inspection. The trees on these properties will be inspected on September 27, 2021, with September 30 as an alternate date in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Your presence during the inspection is not required. A letter has been sent by US mail to all property owners within the inspection area. 

For more information, see the Colorado State University Fact Sheets on the Ips Beetles and  Mountain Pine Beetles.

Trail Repair - Bridges on Archers Dr.

Posted 09/15/21

Starting on 9/16, crews will be working on repairs to the two pedestrian trail bridges along Archers Drive. Safety cones will be up on each end of the bridges and there will be a post placed in the trail at both ends of the bridges. Please do not attempt to use these trail bridges until the repairs are completed and safety equipment has been removed. 

Ballot Mailing for Board of Directors

Posted 09/14/21

Ballots for the Board of Directors election have been mailed out to all owners at their address of record with the HOA. The mailing is clearly marked and includes a instructional letter, ballot, candidate summary and return envelope. The balloting period extends until the close of business (5:00 PM) on October 15. The Talley Committee is scheduled to count the ballots by October 22. After the election results are certified, they will be posted on this web site until December 9. Please contact the HOA office with any questions.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in Unincorporated El Paso County

Posted 09/13/21

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office has implemented fires restrictions for our area. Please see the media release in the Library section of this website.

UPDATED - Important Notice regarding Vehicle Parking Enforcement in King's Deer

Posted 08/27/21

With few exceptions, King's Deer CC&Rs section 23 prohibits the parking or storing of vehicles outside of garages within the development. The Board of Directors had relaxed the enforcement of this section during the height of the COVID pandemic, when many of our residents were at home unable to go to work or school. Now that the schools are meeting in face to face session and work places are again open, the Board has directed that it is time to begin enforcement of this section again. Regular enforcement action was originally scheduled to begin again starting 1 September 2021.

In consideration of the short notice for the re-instatement of the parking covenant, the KDHOA board will delay the restart to the covenant enforcement of the parking policy to 1 Oct 21. As of this date, the Board asks that you park your vehicles in the designated garages or otherwise remove them from the development. Please be reminded that as with all covenant restrictions, the Association will enforce the restrictions within a balance of all duties and obligations placed upon the Association’s resources. (Taken from the 17 June 2008 Policy on Vehicle  Parking Restrictions in Kings Deer.)

Residents are also reminded that owner’s may always request a policy waiver from the Board of Directors. 

The Covenants and Parking Policy are located in the Library section under Governance Documents of the King's Deer website.

Water Purchase Update - August 10, 2021

Posted 06/28/21

The Palmer Divide Water Company (PDWC) has announced that the Kings Deer Water Purchase program is going very well with approximately 196 units sold. As of August 1, 2021, the purchase price is now $8,500 per share. If you have not received a purchase agreement and would like to purchase additional water please email or text, the PDWC representative, Bart Atkinson, at 719-321-3847 or  as soon as possible to reserve your water share.  If you have already purchased 1 water share, an additional water share is now available for an additional $8,500. 

Homeowners interested in buying the additional water from PDWC can see the briefing slides explaining the purchase at and then click on the March 2021 newsletter for a pdf download. Under the approved decree, there are 200 units available to Highlands’s owners and 75 units available to Classic owners to bring their water allotments up to .75 acre feet (244,388 gallons). 

For information on your property’s water usage history or to confirm which subdivision you live in, Highlands or Classic, send a request to

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