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This is the official web site of the King's Deer Homeowners Association. Here you will find information about the association, its activities, events, policies, and some information about the local area.

The King's Deer HOA office is located at the King's Deer Golf Course Golf Course Club House (19255 Royal Troon Drive).

VISITORS! Are you looking for the covenants, Architectural Control Committee forms, or other corporate documents? If so, follow the Library link at left. Minutes and financial reports are available to HOA members in the Library section of the Owner area.

Mowing Deadline - June 30

Posted 05/25/22

It is mandatory for King's Deer owners to mow their property once a year prior to 30 June. This means mowing the entire acreage, to include areas adjoining the street. Mowing reduces fire danger and mitigates the proliferation of noxious weeds. Many residents mow more frequently to enhance the appearance of their property and to mitigate the fire danger during the months of July through September. Although this practice is not mantatory, the HOA encourages it. Mowing checks will be conducted during the month of June.

HOA Office Closure

Posted 05/15/22

 There will be a scheduled HOA office closure during the week of May 23 through May 27. 

King's Deer Fire Mitigation Policy

Posted 05/13/22

The The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says La Nina is likely to stay in place through the summer. That means higher than normal temperatures for much of the country, including Colorado. Paired with dryer than normal conditions, this greatly raises the wildfire risk. With our community located in both forested areas and in grasslands, King's Deer residents need to be cautious and make preparations that create a defensible area around your homes. The Colorado State Forestry Service has a guide to help homeowners identify and reduce wildfire risks. In addition, King's Deer HOA has a policy in place that provides some steps that we all can do to help keep the community safer during this season. Below is an except from this policy:

1. Motor vehicles shall be parked only on designated driveways.
2. Fireworks of every kind are prohibited in King’s Deer.
3. Burning of trash, leaves, weeds, and any other materials is prohibited.
4. All proposed outdoor fire pits must be approved by the fire marshal before submitted to the Architectural Control Committee.
5. All house addresses shall be clearly visible from the street.
6. Dead and dying trees, and slash shall be removed from King’s Deer; whether a tree is dead or dying and must be removed is a decision to be made in the sole discretion of the Board.
7. Uniformly cut firewood must be neatly stacked, and must be at least 10 feet from any structure.
8. All lots shall be mowed at least once annually, not later than June 30. 

King's Deer Roads

Posted 04/21/22

The roads in King's Deer are owned and maintained by El Paso County. As reported in The Gazette, according to Public Works Dept. 21% of El Paso County roads are in poor condition and 41% are in need of reconstuction. The best way to get King's Deer roads fixed is by individual property owners letting the county know that the significant problem exists. Following are contacts for the county to let them know about the condition of the roads in King's Deer. It is helpful to include photos and details when making a complaint to the county. 

Dept of Public Works, Road & Bridge 719-520-6460 or for potholes or minor repairs, submit a service request through the Citizen Connect process:

El Paso County Commissioner, District 1 is Holly Williams. phone: 719-520-6411 or email: 

Water Purchase Contact Info

Posted 04/19/22

The Palmer Divide Water Company (PDWC) still has water rights available for sale for those King's Deer owners that are interested to increase their annual water allocation. The current price is $8500 for one additional unit, which after being attached to your well permit, would bring the annual usage allowance to .75 acre-feet or 244,388 gallons. Owners that are interested in purchasing or have any questions regarding the sale of additional water rights, should send an email or text message to the PDWC representative, Bart Atkinson, at 719-321-3847 or 

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions in Unincorporated El Paso County

Posted 04/11/22

Due to the continued gusty winds, low humidity values, dry conditions and the National Weather Service forecast for continued dry and warmer than normal weather has created a very high to extreme fire danger rating, Sheriff Bill Elder has ordered Stage I Fire Restrictions for all of the unincorporated areas of El Paso County. Combined with recent dry and record hot temperatures, one spark has the potential to quickly spread into a dangerous wildfire. 

Please remember that by covenant, open fires are prohibited in King's Deer. 

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