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This is the official web site of the King's Deer Homeowners Association. Here you will find information about the association, its activities, events, policies, and some information about the local area.

The King's Deer HOA office is located at the King's Deer Golf Course Golf Course Club House (19255 Royal Troon Drive).

VISITORS! Are you looking for the covenants, Architectural Control Committee forms, or other corporate documents? If so, follow the Library link at left. Minutes and financial reports are available to HOA members in the Library section of the Owner area.

CSFS Inspection Results

Posted 10/15/21

Following is an exerpt of the report from the Colorado State Forestry Service. All affected homeowners have been notified by USPS letter from the HOA of infestation or hazard trees. Overall it was a good report with no Mountain Pine Beetle infestation noted. 


On September 27, the Colorado State Forest Service conducted a fall assessment of the King’s Deer development. The purpose of the inspection was to identify any insect and/or disease issues that need to be addressed.


During our inspection, we identified eight trees with active Ips beetle infestation and three potential hazard trees. There were also numerous trees dying from severe dwarf mistletoe infestations. The mistletoe infestation overlaps with the location of nearly all the Ips infested trees, occurring in the southeastern portion of the survey area (Roughly the area east of Glenthorne Ln.) All Ips infested trees and hazard trees are marked with orange “killer tree” flagging.

Other Observations

Insect and disease activity in King’s Deer is similar to other areas in the Black Forest. It is common to see insect activity centered around areas with heavy dwarf mistletoe infestations. Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that grows on trees, siphoning off their energy and resources, which increases the susceptibility of bark beetle attacks. Outside of the mistletoe infestation, our inspection identified very light levels of bark beetle infestation.


We recommend all infested trees identified and flagged during the inspection be cut and chipped or taken off site to reduce the risk of further infestations. Ips is generally less destructive than the more notorious mountain pine beetle, but it can thrive in stressed trees. Removing trees with known insect infestations reduces beetle populations and lessens the risk of infestation to additional trees.

Ponderosa pine dwarf mistletoe is widespread throughout the southeastern portion of the inspection area. Since it is in virtually all of the ponderosa pines in that part of the development, eradication is not feasible. Mistletoe is eventually fatal, however it takes years and potentially decades before the host trees succumb. Allowing the trees adequate room to grow and monitoring for insects can prolong the process. However, trees that are heavily infested in the lower, mid, and upper portions of their crowns are likely to die sooner than others with light infestations. In areas of heavy mistletoe infestation, landowners may want to consider planting alternate species that are not susceptible to ponderosa pine dwarf mistletoe, such as Douglas-fir, blue spruce, or Rocky Mountain juniper.

The fall needle drop is underway and it is important that homeowners keep the area around their homes free of pine needles and other combustible fuels. Please see the publication on the Home Ignition Zone (attached to this email) and distribute among the homeowners as you see fit.

Annual HOA Membership Meeting

Posted 10/04/21

The 2021 King's Deer Homeowners Association Annual Membership Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Troon Tavern, King’s Deer Golf Course, 19255 Royal Troon Drive.

Report your Water Meter Reading - Oct 1 - Oct 31

Posted 10/01/21

Water meter reading notices have been sent to all homeowners in King's Deer. The reporting period is during the month of October. The easiest and recommended way to submit your reading is to take a photo of the meter face with the reading clearly visible. Email the photo to Be sure to include your property address in the subject line of the email. You will receive a reply, usually within 3 days, that the water reading has been received. 

Water Purchase Contact Info

Posted 08/15/21

If you are interested in purchasing or have any questions regarding the sale of additional water rights, please send an email or text message to the Palmer Divide Water Company (PDWC) PDWC representative, Bart Atkinson, at 719-321-3847 or 


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