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This is the official web site of the King's Deer Homeowners Association. Here you will find information about the association, its activities, events, policies, and some information about the local area.

The King's Deer HOA office is located at the King's Deer Golf Course Golf Course Club House (19255 Royal Troon Drive).

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King's Deer Golf Course Status Update (Posted Apr 11)

Dear KD HOA Member,
We share with you the following communication about the future of the King's Deer Golf Course, received today from King's Deer resident, Doug Almond.
--King's Deer Board of Directors
Dear Neighbor,
      We are pleased to announce our plan to reopen King's Deer Golf Course. At the moment, our staff is busy working towards opening our doors for play on May 10th. We have a plan in place to bring the course to 5 Star conditions and in the next few days work will begin on the fairways, greens and the clubhouse.
      Our company, Almond Golf LLC is a Colorado company that is committed to develop King's Deer Golf Course into a world-class public course. Our long term goal is to be the premier public golf course in our state that will attract local and national events that will bring value to our community. Almond Golf, LLC is not a company that will manage KDGC from a distance. I live in King's Deer and look forward to meeting each of you in the near future.
      We have hired familiar faces to serve your needs. PGA professional Jeff Kelly is our General Manager and will oversee daily operations. PGA Professional Nate Vincent shall lead our learning and development program and be responsible in providing a great experience to our golfing and non-golfing customers. Course Superintendent Mark Hassell will be responsible for bringing our course to 5 star conditions and maintaining a course that will be fair and challenging to all levels of golf.
      We shall work hand in hand and be an added value to our neighborhood. As a fellow homeowner, I know that having a premier course in our neighborhood will add value to our properties and create a positive experiences in our daily lives.
      Our soft opening will be on May 3rd and will be limited to homeowners in the community and previous members. We invite you come over for brunch at 1030am to share some good food then feel free to play the course from May 3rd to May 9th with no green fees. More information to follow in a few days on RSVP and tee times for that week.
      Our plan is to be officially open to the public on May 10th, weather permitting.
      Please tell your family and friends about us. Our success greatly depends on your support.
      Every few days you will see updates from me and in the near future there will be a channel to receive your feedback on how we are doing.
Thank you.
Doug Almond

King's Deer Golf Course Receiver Appointed (Posted Apr 9)

King's Deer HOA has confirmation from The Exchange Bank that a court appointed Receiver has been assigned for the KD Golf Course. This communication is both to provide you notice of the assignment of the Receiver, and to pass along a statement from him (copied below) explaining his role as Receiver to help understand what he can and cannot do.
     Please keep in mind that the King's Deer HOA has no role in the process other than to pass along information to our membership as we obtain it. The HOA management office has no additional information.
John Highhouse
President, King's Deer HOA
-------Message from Appointed Receiver------
As, Receiver, I am appointed by the Court, to serve as an officer of the Court, akin to an extension of the Judge, to preserve and protect the estate, which in this case, is the Kings Deer Golf Course. My powers and responsibilities are contained in the Order Appointing Receiver. The Receivership Estate is a new legal entity that has no relation to the former entity that operated the Kings Deer Golf Course. I have control over the assets in the estate, but I am not burdened by any existing agreements or contracts that the former owner has. Those contracts are still in effect, and the parties involved are entitled to pursue the entities with whom they contracted. So, in the case of any claimed membership refunds they have to be pursued with the persons/entities that they paid. I have never received those membership funds, and consequently I am not the person to repay them.
     To be clear however, any agreements that I enter into as Receiver I will honor. That said, I would appreciate you telling your members that the Receiver is not who they go to regarding membership refunds. I want to focus on moving forward and trying to make prompt decisions that will result in protecting and preserving the value of Kings Deer Golf Course (which of course has the derivative effect of preserving your homeowners values).
     I expect that this will not be a very long lived Receivership, as I expect it will end with the foreclosure sale, at which time the new owner will decide what to do with the course. But, in the meantime I will endeavor to most efficiently protect and preserve the assets value. And I suspect, although it is not my official charge, that this will also result in what is best for the Kings Deer community.
Very truly yours,
James Robert Barash, Court Appointed Receiver

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