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Every King's Deer property owner is a member of the King's Deer Homeowners Association.

The Board of Directors oversee the management and operation of the association. Board members, who are members of the Association, serve two-year terms, and are elected by the general membership. Four directors are elected in even years, three are elected in odd years. If a vacancy occurs before a term of office expires, it is filled by appointment to serve the remainder of the term of that position. Elections are conducted during the Annual General Membership meeting which is usually held in November. Members intersted in serving on the Board are encouraged to contact the HOA exective director about becoming a candidate for the Board.

Daily business of the Association is handled by the King's Deer Executive Director, Ms. Patricia Wasson, out of our office at the address shown below. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM. However, before making a trip to the office, please call the office (number given below) to ensure someone will be present when you arrive. You can also contact Ms. Wasson via email at

King's Deer Office Closure The King's Deer office is closed Saturdays and Sundays. Before visiting the office, please call the office (number given below) to ensure someone will be there when you arrive because the office must be locked when duties are performed away from the office. Also, please refer to Calendar (link in left margin) to view dates the office is closed.

Also, the office will be closed on weather-closure days designated by either Falcon School District 49 or Lewis-Palmer School District 38. For the latest weather closure information, visit our Useful Links page, and the first link in the list will give you weather closures for many business and schools of the area, including both Falcon and Lewis-Palmer school districts.

King's Deer HOA Office Location
19255 Royal Troon Drive
(in King's Deer Golf Course Club House facility)
Monument, CO 80132
Do not mail to this address!


King's Deer HOA Mailing Address
PO Box 3143
Monument, CO 80132

King's Deer Office Phone


King's Deer Office Fax
(719) 488-2949

King's Deer Office Email Address



We strongly encourage you to use the Contact Us page when communicating with the King's Deer Office and the Board of Directors. Messages sent through the Contact Us page will be delivered within minutes to every board member's email address and to the King's Deer Executive Director. These messages are handled with the same priority and attention as paper correspondence. Unless you absolutely must communicate on paper by mail, please use this web site's Contact Us page. Thank you.

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