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Tell us how the King's Deer Homeowners Association can serve you better. Fill in the form below with your thoughts. It will be delivered to each member of the Board of Directors, and to our management office.

Want to get involved with the association? Again, tell us! Fill in the form below and let us know what you'd like to do. We're confident we can find a place for your skills and interests. Every year we're looking for candidates for the Board of Directors. And the Architectural Control Committee can always use members. Let us know your areas of interest! We'll be in touch.

We strongly encourage you to use this form of communication with the Board of Directors. Messages sent through this page will be delivered within minutes to every board member and to the King's Deer management office. These messages will be handled with the same priority and attention as written correspondence. Unless you absolutely must communicate on paper by mail, please use this form. Thank you.

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